This module covers the theoretical and practical application of the concepts and principles of setting up and managing gender-responsive evaluation policies and systems


Evaluation is an essential aspect of good governance to improve learning and development effectiveness, transparency, accountability

and informed decision-making in support of achieving gender-responsive and equitable development results.

National development policies and programmes need to be informed by evidence on gender equality issues generated by credible national Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems.

Evaluations that uncover how national policies and programmes impact women, men, girls and boys are central for changing awareness and for decision-making.

They can be instrumental to improving the implementation of national commitments to achieve gender equality, social and equitable development.

The module is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills to take on a strategic role in strengthening demand for

gender-responsive evaluation at the national level. This training is expected to be used in support of countries

continuing and emerging efforts to develop and strengthen gender-responsive evaluation systems. Users may include members of international, regional and national Voluntary

Organizations of Professional Evaluators (VOPEs), parliamentarian forums focusing on evaluation; national

evaluation systems and offices; and international, regional and national knowledge management networks focusing on gender and/or evaluation.

The module targets current and aspiring political leaders at all levels of governance: national/local/decentralized government,

national parliament. The module also targets other individuals, institutions and organizations that work with politicians.


Appreciate the importance of implementing National Evaluation Systems, understand relevant opportunities and challenges related to use of evaluations for government
and parliamentary activities and determine individual roles in implementing such systems;
Create enabling environments for implementing gender responsive national evaluation systems including building awareness in parliament an government on the importance
of gender responsive and evidence based evaluation, supporting a gender-responsive evaluation culture and make use of gender-responsive evaluations in parliamentary debates;
Based on feedback from fellow participants, create action plans with commitments to implement components of gender-responsive national evaluation systems thereby contributing to institutionalizing evaluation in the entity participants represent.

Length: 5 days Normal schedule Package, 3days Executive package for CEOs and board of Directors or you can
discuss with us a tailor made schedule depending on your needs

Tuition Fee: For 25 participants or less the Fee is $400 per person $300 for participants greater than 25.