This module has been developed as reference material for training on Women in Agribusiness. Participants in this course will gain knowledge on various types of agribusinesses and how they link to other sectors of the economy.

The training highlights the unique aspects of agro-enterprises compared to other businesses, and creates awareness about the multiple actors (and their roles) in enabling agribusiness. Participants will learn the concept of agricultural value chains and their analysis and application in identifying agribusiness opportunities. The key themes of business planning, sustainability in relation to resource utilization, the ecosystem of innovations that drive agribusiness, types of risks in agribusiness and their management, are addressed. Other topics covered include product quality and trade standards, certification processes and their importance in local and international trade. These topics will be covered within the perspective of women and youth.

This module provides course participants with an insight into the diversity of resources, skills, networks, and strategies that can help leaders in agribusiness to achieve more. The lessons will be covered through lectures, group learning activities and interactive sessions with leaders in agribusiness


The module will explore ways to support and promote attractive agribusiness opportunities and careers for youth and women.

Facilitators: The facilitators for this module are drawn
from professionals in the field; they are open minded and
committed to the vision, mission and goals of ACTIL

Tuition Fee: For 25 participants or less the fee is $480 per person
and $390 for participants greater than 25.

Length: 6 days Normal schedule Package, 3days Executive package for CEOs and board of Directors or you can
discuss with us a tailor made schedule depending on your needs


The module targets current and aspiring leaders along the agricultural value chain. The module also targets other individuals, institutions and organizations that work with youth and women in agriculture.

The module is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills in transformative leadership in order to influence their mindsets and attitudes .

towards agribusiness and advocate for policy to support the same for youth and women.


How to promote the appreciation and advancement of agribusiness for national development and as a means for women and youth empowerment.
The skills for effective leadership in agribusiness for women.
How to enhance women agribusiness leadership capacity to mobilize communities and stakeholders to participate in, and support agribusiness.
Create individual action plans for the application of transformational leadership skills and competencies in their spheres of influence.