Transformational Leadership

Module Description

This module is designed to capacitate, equip and empower both current and aspiring leaders, in particular, women to practically apply the concepts and principles of Inclusive Transformational Leadership within the context of a complex and ever-changing environment. Challenges that hamper women leadership will be explored. The module is expected to guide the learners through a transformational journey of self-discovery while enabling them to explore, learn and practice essential skills necessary to create productive and fulfilling relationships with those they lead, as well as collaborate and network with other stakeholders across geographical and cultural boundaries for sustainable individual, societal and national transformation.

Module Aim

The module is designed to equip learners with knowledge and skills in transformational leadership. This will enable them undergo mindset transformation and personal development.

Module Duration

The complete module will be covered in 6 days or you can discuss with us a tailor made schedule depending on your needs

Module Rationale

Leadership in Africa is usually socially conservative in nature and public space is dominated by patriarchy. Women’s participation in leadership and processes has been hampered by deeply embedded patriarchal socio-cultural values, undemocratic institutions, policy frameworks that perpetuate gender inequalities and inequities and low levels of civic and gender awareness. Numerous researches have attributed the stagnation of Africa’s human development, (despite the abundance of human and natural resources), to a gap in stewardship and leadership.

The concept of transformational leadership is crucial for Africa in order to address present challenges facing the continent and secure the future. Africa needs transformational leaders who can contribute to sustainable and equitable development, resolve rampant conflicts afflicting parts of the continent, and strengthen weak institutions in both public and private sector. In order to reach their full potential and contribute to transformational change in their societies and economies, they will have to be equipped with quality education that goes beyond basic certification to include development of transformational leadership competencies – skills and capacities of character that will allow young women to achieve great change in the service of their societies and economies.

While acknowledging the progress Africa has made in Women’s leadership, they still face exceptionally high barriers to becoming leaders. The low status of women, sociocultural barriers and traditional gender roles limit their access to education and employment opportunities. From a young age, women experience the dual burden of both gender and youth. This is reflected in the small number of women in leadership positions across various professions. Deliberate training on transformational leadership will empower women with skills to confidently take up leadership roles in all sectors of the society.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module, learners will be able to:

1. Identify core behavior and practices that characterize transformational leaders
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the transformational mindsets in leadership
3. Develop action plans to address Identified gaps in social systems and organizational structures.
4. Create a clear vision; understand their purpose and manage their resources to improve their leadership effectiveness
5.Development of a 5-year personal development plan for their transformational journey.

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