Transformative Leadership in Women Leadership in the Public Sector


ACTIL provides core courses in diverse areas including:

Women’s Leadership in the Public Sector – Aims at enhancing the competencies and skills of women leaders holding critical decision making capacities in government to enable them excel in result oriented leadership that is gender responsive and transformative, through a training approach that combines experiential learning, executive coaching and mentorship.

Tailor-made courses are also available for institutions on demand.


Each of these courses is structured into four (4) stages as follows:
Stage I: Face to Face intensive workshop at the ACTIL at Kenyatta University
Stage II: 10 months practical implementation of personal and institutional success plans (under mentorship and coaching, on site assessment and support)
Stage III: Report writing and assessments
Stage IV: Follow-up workshop at ACTIL for sharing of experience and certification. ACTIL courses lead to a certificate from Kenyatta University.

Module Duration

The complete module will be covered in 5 days or you can discuss with us a tailor made schedule depending on your needs

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