Transformative Leadership in Women Political Leadership


This module covers the practical application of the concepts and principles of leadership, transformational leadership, power and stewardship in politics and governance.

The module also provides participants with the opportunity to practice essential skills necessary for transformational leadership including the use of ICT, strategic communication and self-management and care among others.

Module Rationale

Africa is endowed with rich natural and human resources yet its people continue to languish in poverty. The continent’s development is also hampered by widespread conflicts.

Research attributes this to a gap in stewardship and leadership. Politics and governance inform and drive critical decisions for stability, sustainable and equitable development.

This module addresses the glaring gap in leadership and governance in Africa, which has led to stagnation of African’s human development and proliferation of conflicts, in spite of abundance of human and natural resources.

Module Aim

The module is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills in transformational leadership in politics to transform their spheres of influence.

Module Duration

The complete module will be covered in 6 days or you can discuss with us a tailor made schedule depending on your needs

Target Group

The module targets current and aspiring political leaders at all levels of governance: local/decentralized government, national parliament and political parties. The module also targets other individuals, institutions and organizations that work with politicians.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understanding of the concept
Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of transformational leadership,

2. Prevailing mindset in politics
Demonstrate an understanding of the prevailing mindset in politics, its impacts on development and the need for transformational leadership

3. Transformational leadership
How to promote the appreciation and advancement of agribusiness for national development and as a means for women and youth empowerment.

4. strengthened self-concept
The skills for effective leadership in agribusiness for women.

5. Action plans
Create individual action plans for the application of transformational leadership skills and competencies in their spheres of influence.

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