About Us


The African Centre for Transformative and Inclusive Leadership (ACTIL) was established in 2013 by UN Women in partnership with Kenyatta University, and officially launched in February 2014. Since its inception , ACTIL has trained over 2000 current and emerging African leaders, with a special focus on women and youth.


Founding Partners

While Kenyatta University, Mount Carmel Training Centre and UN Women are the founding partners of ACTIL, the Centre continues to expand its Partnerships which now include: Africa Union Commission, MASHAV, UNDP, FAO, UN HABITAT, Gulf Bank Africa, VI Agroforestry, Governments(both National & Decentralised) and Parliaments across Africa, ACODE, WABCOM, FEWA, LVCT Health.

Governance Structure

ACTIL’s governance structure consists in an Advisory Board, a Technical Committee and the leadership of the Centre. ACTIL benefits from a rich pool of experts in all the areas of training with a highly qualified and experienced international faculty. The Advisory Board provides overall policy guidance. A high level multi-agency Technical Committee provides oversight on quality and ensures that ACTIL has cutting-edge programs and products. A Director supported by a compliment of competent full time staff leads the secretariat.

ACTIL’s unique approach to leadership development includes a mentorship & coaching component.

What we Offer

ACTIL offers training courses for leaders, including policy makers, from across Africa in a variety of areas, with Transformative Leadership as the foundation course. ACTIL seeks to promote innovation and social transformation, and to empower decision makers to promote policies that are inclusive, equitable and sustainable while harnessing the potential of women and youth towards economic development within a culture of Transformative Leadership.

Since inception, ACTIL has trained over 2400 participants covering more than 50% of countries in Africa. ACTIL’s foot print spreads across both Anglophone and Francophone regions of Africa. Success stories have been documented, demonstrating the usefulness of Transformative Leadership training.

What Makes Us Different

ACTIL ia a partnership between two major organizations that are committed to excellence with a strong focus on gender equality and women/youth empowerment

1.ACTIL envisions a multi-layered process of change created through the larger network of alumni and connected institutions.

2. Courses offered are interdisciplinary. The trainings include both theoretical and practical aspects; comprising a well-balanced curriculum of lectures, study tours and workshops. Each programme exposes participants to a variety of approaches and technologies. We focus on, as well as assess the uptake of learning and further connect these to policy creation and implementation.

3.The key course on Transformative Leadership is offered as an anchor course in all the training programs

4.Participants develop individual/Personal action plans and institutional plans, and are led in the realization of these plans by a mentor of their choice.

5.Among our facilitators are experts from Sub Saharan Africa and beyond offering knowledge and advise that is applicable in emerging economies.