International Faculty

Prof Abu Bakarr Bah

Prof Abu Bakarr Bah is Professor of Sociology at Northern Illinois University and Faculty Associate at the Center for NGO Leadership and Development. He is also Editor-in-Chief of

Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha

Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha is the Executive Director of ACODE and also a Lecturer of Peace and Conflict studies, in the Faculty of Religion and Peace Studies at Makerere University.

Counsel Donnah Kamashazi Gasana

Counsel Donnah KAMASHAZI GASANA, is a founder and Managing Partner of Etho Attorneys and Consultants Ltd company that provides legal and consulting services in

Ms. Hava Karrie

Ms. Hava Karrie is a social worker by profession and the director of MCTC- The MASHAV Carmel Internaironal Trainining Center. Before joining MCTC in 1982

Dr. Lillian Muyomba – Tamale

Dr. Lillian Muyomba – Tamale is a governance specialist with over 15 years of experience in advocacy and capacity development, decentralization,

Mr. Max Zahavi

Mr. Max Zahavi is a consultant for SMEs in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial management and funding, strategic

Ms. Paulette Woolf

Ms. Paulette Woolf is an organizational management consultant and has 18 years of wide ranging experience at the UN

Ms. Shachar Re'em

Ms. Shachar Re'em academic background is in socio-cultural anthropology and she is deputy director of MCTC. The MASHAV Carmel Internaironal Trainining Center

Dr Gillian Kasirye

Dr. Gillian Kasirye is a teacher educator at Makerere University Uganda in the department of Educational Foundations and curriculum Studies

Dr Lily Yarney

Dr Lily Yarney is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management, University of Ghana Business School

Dr. Wilson Winstons Muhwezi

Dr. Wilson Winstons Muhwezi is an expert in public policy on especially issues of health. He is an expert in applied and basic research as well as monitoring and evaluation.

Dr Nathan Kanuma Taremwa

Dr Nathan Kanuma Taremwa is an ordained pastor through the Foursquare Gospel Church of Rwanda. Professionally, he is a development economist and agribusiness specialist.

Ms Farirai Mudiwa

Ms Farirai Mudiwa is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Economics (University of Zimbabwe, 2008) and completed her Master’s Degree in Transformational Development (Eastern College, Australia) in May 2020

Dr Betty Akullu Ezati

Dr Betty Akullu Ezati is a teacher educator and trainer with a passion for young people, especially those in the less endowed communities. Betty is a resource person in building staff capacity on higher education teaching and learning


Is the Founder and Executive Director, of The Leadership Farm, a leadership training institute with a vision to raise the next generation of Leaders for Africa, Located in Zambia he is a well-respected local and international speaker, author, mentor...

Dr. Evarist Twimukye

Dr. Evarist Twimukye has more than 20 years of experience in policy analysis, project development and training in agribusiness. Dr. Twimukye holds a PhD in Applied Economics from Clemson University, United States of America (USA), a Masters in Agribusiness and Bachelors in Agricultural Economics of Makerere University,