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South Sudan Diplomat Urinates During Live Panel Discussion

Gordon Buay was seen urinating during a live Facebook political discussion. Panelists were discussing the appointment of a governor for Upper Nile state on Friday, South Sudan’s deputy ambassador to the U.S., was seen walking to the bathroom wearing only a shirt and relieving himself, in full view of all other panelists. The video went viral, with many social media users calling on Buay to step down. Some commentators accused Buay of being intoxicated during the panel discussion, noting that he was shouting at other panelists. While some of the panelists appeared shocked to see Buay relieve himself, a few smiled and laughed. The video was removed from Youtube on Saturday afternoon but a clip was shared widely on social media minutes after organizers removed the original video. Buay posted a message on his Facebook page urging people not to believe what he called a “fake video.”


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